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Top Ten Books of 2017

Louise Oneill "Only Ever Yours" is a book about a perfect utopia world that really is more of a dystopian world. We Meet two friends who are trying to become the perfect girls to end up married instead of Mistress or Teachers. Eventually One becomes a teacher and one Ends up committing suicide. It's a sad dystopian that makes you really think and take a long hard look at our society today and how it treats women. I don't usually like Dystopians anymore but Louise knocks this one out of the ballpark. I also rated this book 4 out 5 stars, but now I feel like its more of a 4.75 out of five stars.  Original Review   Louise Oneill twitter

Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall is an awesome story about Mental Health. The main Character Nora has agoraphobia and OCD which she is trying to manage throughout the book while meeting a boy. She becomes friends with the boy and she eventually runs to him when she needs help at the end of the book. But this is not one of those books where the boy Solves the girl's mental health. This boy really doesn't change anything except becoming her friend. It is an own voice Mental Health story, so the author really does understand Mental health and how it feels throughout the book. I literally cried while reading this book because it felt so personal and so much about my own mental health life. I rated this book a five out of five stars which is wild because I am very hard on my rating of mental health books.
Original Review   Louise Gornall Twitter

I Eliza Hamilton, is one of two historical Fiction novels on this list, that I love this year. This book is about Mrs. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, and how she met and fell in love with Alexander Hamilton. It talks about what might have happened during Eliza time and how she might have felt towards Alexander. Because many of Eliza letters are lost to history, believed to have been burn, we have very little about her. But this book goes above and beyond to Show Eliza as a human being and not a founding father wife. Susan Holloway Scott, the author is also amazing at just handling weird questions about Eliza over twitter. So thanks to this book I have gained more historical knowledge about Eliza. I rated this book a four out of five stars. Original review       Susan Holloway Scott Twitter

Hunting Prince Dracula, become my favorite sequel, of the year and my other favorite historical novel of the year. It is the sequel to the hit Stalking Jack the ripper. It is about Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell adventure to a medical school which is in Count Dracul Palace in Romania. We find out more information on Count Dracul and also about the famous Elizabeth Bathory. We have a murder mystery of course. Plus we are also introduced to two new characters in this book along with LGBT love theme. I absolutely love this book and I am hoping beyond hope I get to review the third book coming out next year. I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Original Review             Kerri Maniscalco Twitter

A Curious Beginning is the first book in Deanna Raybourne Veronica Speedwell series. It is about an orphan girl named Veronica, who might have connections to a very famous historical Queen. While this is Historical fiction, I tend to label it more as a mystery. In this book, Veronica finds out who she is, and why she is being hunted down by several people. She also ends up in the Protection of Templeton Vane Stoker, who seems to be her equal in every way. A great series for Stalking Jack the Ripper, Nancy Drew, and Sherlock Holmes fans. I love this series, it is so funny, and very new adult in my opinion. I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars.  There are three books in this series, the first two are available to buy now, and the third is out in January. Original Review
Deanna Twitter

Six of Crows is book one of a Series by Leigh Bardugo, that takes place in the Grisha Verse. It is a book about a heist and six friends who proceed to go on it. But things happen and the heist goes terribly wrong. This book is not one for weak Stomach people. I am very sensitive and I was cringing throughout this book while reading it. So you may be asking why is it in her top ten because I can't stop thinking about this book. I also love love Leigh Bardugo writing, which can have you saying woah in moments of the story. This book had me going Woah, OMG that moment was powerful. I can't stress enough about how amazing this book was, but be mindful of the cringe parts. I rated this book originally a 4 out 5 stars but its more like 4.75 stars. Original review   Leigh Bardugo Twitter 

All new things by Lauren Miller was originally an E Arc I received from Netgalley but then I bought the book. It is a book about a young girl name Jessa who has Anxiety and moves with her father after a horrible accident. While living with her father, she gains two new friends who are dealing with their own personal health issues. She also finds wisdom in God to handle life better. I really love the mental health aspect of this book. This book really makes you feel empowered to handle life better. To me, it was a great story overall and I still think about it. I rated this book a four out of five stars. Original Review    Lauren Miller Twitter

This is about three friends name Taylor, Charlie, and Jaime who travel from Australia to go to a Convention for comics. Taylor is autistic and suffer from anxiety but loves geeky fandoms of all kinds. Charlie is a video blogger who meets and falls for another video blogger. Then we come to Jaime who is a big geek but also really like Taylor and wants to date her. As the story continues we see how the two relationships evolve along with the friendships. I honestly wish Jen would write a sequel to this book because I just love these characters and this story. I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Original Review   Jen Marie Wilde Twitter 

I read two of Danika Stone's books this year but All the Feels was my favorite. All the feels is a Contemporary romance from swoon reads. It is about Liv who has an obsession with a Star Trek type of fandom called Star Veil. She proceeds to use Social media and the help of her friend Xander to prevent the main character from being killed off. It works but also teaches valuable lessons along the way. It also helps to draw Liv and Xander closer together. I rated this book a four out of five stars. Original Review   Danika Stone Twitter 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is the only book I've read by her this year but it's by far a favorite. It is about Cath who has a twin sister, that literally doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. When they go to college Cath who has anxiety has a hard time making friends but gains a new friend in her roommate. Cath's roommate Wren not only becomes friends with her but introduces Cath to her new love Levi. The only issue I had with this book is I want a little more of Levi and Cath and less of Cath Fanfic writing. I rated this book a four out five stars because it is a cutest fluffy contemporary with elements of Mental health. Original Review   
RainbowRowell Twitter

Honorable Mention 

I did not start AG Howard Splinter series in 2017 but it is one of my all-time favorites. This series is an Alice retelling involving Alyssa Gardner the great -great granddaughter of Alice Liddell. She finds out how to get to wonderland. Why wonderland is the way it is and who she really is related to. This wonderland is also very dark and twisted much like Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland. I love this series and I could not do a Favorites list and not mention these books. I rated each book a four out of five stars. Reviews for all of these books can be found on this blog starting with Splintered .      

These are my top ten favorite books that I read in 2017. If you notice the common theme among them is that I am still thinking about each of these stories, even after I have read and reviewed other books. These are the main books that stuck in my mind this past year. Also, you can tell that I have my favorite genres too, like contemporary, historical fiction and Mental health. Mental health is one that I hold close and personal to my own heart. As for contemporaries, I have always love cute romance books since I was a kid, and that will never change. Historical fiction is another genre I have loved since I was a kid because of authors like Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder and Jane Austen. I hope you loved this blog, and I hope you get a chance to read each of these books because I think they will change your life.  As always all of my Social media is listed below, please feel free to follow, subscribe, and share.

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