Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"There I go again"

I would like to start out by saying I am a huge fan of  Mr William Daniels. I always found him fascinating as Mr Feeny, from both, Boy and Girl Meets world. I felt like that character inspire me to do better with my own education and he still inspires me. So when I found this book, I thought it would be a great read and one I would truly enjoy. When the Publisher granted me access to this book on netgalley , I was incredibly happy, and would like to thank them. So now onto the story 

As this book begins, Mr Daniels tells you about how he came to write this book on a legal notepad, which is something I as a reader can truly appreciated. I love when an author actually chooses to write their own story and then has it edited, especially in a biography. This part of the story, just drew my attention in to the book even more. The story continues with how Mr Daniels, talks about the first time he won an Emmy, which I consider highly deserve. As the story continues, you are taken back to how his acting career begin. He tells the reader how his mother invested her time into her children's career, while maintaining her own career. He really takes the time to give great little details to the reader like the examples above. I love how this book is written, how its more like family stories being told to a fellow love one instead of an actual book. I think this book has such a family comfort warm feeling to it. I would recommend anyone who enjoy Mr Daniels characters while growing up, to check out this book. 

I love that as the book continues, you really great to know Mr William Daniels better as a person. I also felt like I came to appreciate his talent even more, and isn’t that what an autobiography is all about. Overall this book was a charming story about an actor’s life that I truly admired. I will also be purchasing the actual book when it comes out because I love this story so much, I would encourage you to do the same. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars for the excellent writing and the great little details. I especially think if your a Mr. Feeny Fan or a William Daniels fan in general, you will truly enjoy this book. I felt like I was listening to a family member tell me childhood stories instead of an actor talking about his life. I just can’t get over how will written and detail this biography was and how much more I will enjoy Mr. Daniels now as Mr. Feeny, after reading his stories. 

I will link below where you can find this book when its releases. Thanks for reading and please come and join me again soon for another review.. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coffee at Luke's Edited By Jennifer Crusie and Leah Wilson

The book doves into the story of Gilmore girls the show. The first chapter talks about the writing of the show, it quotes lines from the show. This chapter takes you back to the love of Stars hollow and how loving yet complex these Characters are. It refers to the show writing as not being written in dumb down way, but instead in a very smart fashion that everyone could enjoy and  feel intelligent. It really shows the meaning behind the show Gilmore Girls and why it was so important in the lives of so many people.

In the book, different authors share their own stories about the characters in stars hallow and how they relate to our own lives. It uses, what I would refer to as stars hallow language or Gilmore Girl-ism, which is the fast pace talking or moving life that comes alive on the show. While using each certain characters, such as Lorelei or Kirk to explore the characters quirks, in order to relate to real life and our own human stories.These stories are about everyday normal things such as family, friendships, feminism, which are just a few examples. I have to say I feel like this book does focus on feminism in such a positive light, which made me love it that much more because Gilmore Girls was about strong females. 

 The book really makes you feel like your in stars hallow, with the quotes from the characters. It focus on the unique-ness that only Stars Hallow people could have , that small town, George Bailey life while dealing with modern day issues. For example, Lorelai always seem to be the runaway bride or that Kirk had 15,000 different jobs. I mean who could not related to that. who hasn’t work different jobs or who hasn’t thought that maybe marriage isn’t for them. I know I personally feel like marriage is not for me. This book really caught my attention by using the different references to real life situations like the show would have. 

As you continue to read the book you notice more of how the characters thoughts, actions or ideas can really relate to your own life but in a funny way. This book really took the time to make you look at life through the eyes of the Stars Hallow town's people. It shows you that if you just look around at your own life, you are very much one of these characters. I really throughly enjoy this book. I honestly couldn't put it down and it made me go back to the town that was Stars Hallow and the enjoyment of such wonderfully written characters. It truly is a must have for Gilmore Girl Fans everywhere. I honestly would go buy it right now, so you can enjoy it before the Netflix premiere of Gilmore Girls. 

I will be posting a Youtube review on this book on November 26th, 2016 on my Youtube Channel: MelihYoutuber


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Monday, November 21, 2016

O'Dwyer Series Book One

Dark witch is the first book in a series of three books By Nora roberts. The name of the series is the Odwyer Series. It takes place in Cong County Mayo Ireland which is where the Quiet Man starring Maureen Ohara and John wayne was Film.. The Books are about three witches, their families and Evil of Course.

The first Book is about the Lovely couple Iona Sheehan and Boyle McGarth. Iona is american cousin to the Ireland O'dwyers, Branna and Conner, through her Grandma. She finds out through her grandmother that there is Magic in the family. She goes to Ireland to meet this family but really finds what she desire most in life, a deep close knit family, In Branna and Conner.

Branna Helps her gain a Job working for Boyle McGrath at the Local Horse Academy for young riders. In dealing with the Horses, Iona seems to have a very magical gift about her, Boyle notices this and so he hires her on the spot.. 

Iona is immediate attracted to Boyle and the whole area around, But she thinks he has a girlfriend. She eventually learns differently and they fall for each other.. As the story goes on Iona also learns more about the family legends and the Evil Male witch that has been around for centuries.

This first book carries a lot of the old Irish charm and magic in it.. Nora Roberts is always great at bringing the Irish loving charm out of her magick book series but this series seem to not only have the usual romance from her but also Mystery and suspense of will they defeat this centuries old evil or not.

If you want to know the ending, I suggest you check out the series. I will also post blogs on the other two books along with Youtube reviews on all three books.. Hope to see you back here soon for more makeup and book reviews as well on Youtube 


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