Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Escaping From Houdini

Come one, Come all to the Greatest Show on Earth. Kerri Maniscalco and JimmyPattersonbooks are proud to Present the brand new Cressworth Mystery Starring the Great Thomas Cresswell and the dazzling Audrey Rose Wadsworth. So take a seat on September 18th, 2018 and be prepared to be dazzle by the most impressive story of the Cressworths to date.  Now without farther ado, Raise the Curtains and let the summary begin for this amazing Audience.

As this amazing book begins, we reunited with Thomas and AudreyRose on a ship RMS Etruria during a romantic moment. They are on a journey to America when the ship begins with a brand new murder mystery. Along the way, we will see new love interests and find endless Possibilities. Audrey gains new friends such as the Great Mephistopheles and the Amazing Harry Houdini. She learns that Harry has a connection with someone very close to her which Surprise her. Audrey Rose also learns that she must decide which is more important to her or should I say Who?.

As for Thomas in this book, he finds out that sometimes love is not all its crack up to be. Thomas does things that we would normally not expect from Thomas Cresswell. Thomas also gives insight into how he solves the murders.  But in order to find out the life lessons that Audrey Rose and Thomas gains in this book, you need to check it out in September.

As a reader, in this book, we gain a lot of insight to Thomas and Audrey Rose both as people and their feelings. Audrey Rose really blossoms into a young adult with the challenges she faces on the ship while solving the murders. She learns that loving someone in life can give us some of the hard decisions in the way of trusting people. AudreyRose learns about who is secure and who is not. She also learns not to take the important parts of life for Granted. I really felt like AudreyRose saw a lot of change in her life in this story. AudreyRose really inspired me in this book and I feel like so many people are going to love her more in this book.

Like the other two books, I felt like Thomas really open himself up to us readers. We gain more insight into how he loves Audrey Rose. I also love Thomas flirty spirit throughout all of the books. I feel like he will always have fun in life because he knows how close death is to life. But we also see the little boy Thomas Cresswell can be in his more fragile moments, like expressing his feelings to AudreyRose about them as a couple. I also felt like we saw a lot of growth from Thomas in this book as a reader. He really has become a favorite book boyfriend and I can't wait for more.

As for this book, I rated it a five out of five stars. It is the best book in the series so far. Kerri really gave our two favorite characters a lot of growth in this book. As well as the fact that we get to meet Harry Houdini the escape artist. Then, of course, there is the mysterious Mephistopheles who might be the killer along with his troupe of performers. As the murders begin, we have amazing clues popping up like always. But as the murders begin to be solved, Kerri give us even more gruesome details in this book. The details really capture my attention throughout the book and held it even more so than the first two books did. To me, Kerri totally steps up another level with this whole book. Those who weren't so happy about the first two books will really enjoy this one I think. This whole book held my attention all throughout it, even more so than the first two did. I just could spend all day, and all night raving about how amazing this book was but I am going to have to let you learn for yourself on September 18th, 2018. Once again thank you to JimmyPattersonbooks, Hachette books and Kerri Maniscalco for sending me an Arc to review. I will for sure be buying the book because I need a finished copy in my life as I suggest you all do for this amazing series. All of Kerri Links are listed below along with my social media. Till Next show or in the Cresswads series, Next Murder victim (dun dun dun).

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