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A Treacherous Curse

Hello, fellow Mystery Romance Book lovers of the world, and Happy Holidays. I am back with this awesome blog today about A Treacherous Curse from Deanna Raybourne and Berkely Publishing, This book was an E Arc I received from Netgalley for an exchange of a free review. Basically, anyone who reviews books can join Netgalley and get free Arcs to read. This is the way I get most Arcs. This book will be released January 18, 2018, according to Amazon in Hardcover. This book is the third in the Series, and there will be more books to come.  Now onto my summary and review of this awesome book. 

Treacherous Curse is the case of an Egyptian Curse involving, of Course, Stoker and Veronica. This Book once again takes place in Victorian London with the occasional guest appearance of the Royal Family. This book gives us more knowledge on Stoker life, his ex-wife, and what happen that cause his salacious past to come into play. We find out how Stoker former expedition partner disappears and why his disappearance plays a part into the Egyptian Curse as well. We also begin to see fondness or romance of some sort develop between Veronica and Stoker. We learned how imaginative the Victorians were around Egyptian Curses. We basically gain a new awesome Sherlock inspire mystery once again from Stoker and Veronica. 

I rated this book a four out five stars. I believe this is the best book in the series so far. I read this as an E Arc and still couldn’t put it down. I have a hard time enjoying ebooks especially the last few years. I feel like I don't take all the information in but yet with this book I could not put it down. Veronica, as a person just becomes more vibrant. She becomes even more independent for a Victorian woman. She acts like one of the guys but at the same time will knock a man down to his knees. Throughout the book, she is telling Stoker how much he basically has no idea that females are not the weak species of the world. We can ruin someone with one look or thought, and we do it with such strong force. One of my favorite scenes is Veronica having a showdown with a female in the book and being a source of killer strength. She literally comes in, guns blazing and takes the person out with words, and nothing else just words. These are true female instincts to the core, and I think that's what Veronica is trying to tell stoker. Now Stoker, on the other hand, is just like “Don't Change Veronica, Don't Ever Change”. One of my favorite lines in the Arc which I hope is in the final printed book, is a Certain person telling Veronica, "he killed a man how you are not scared" and Veronica basically comes back and says "Because I killed two men", like Bam in your face. Veronica really earns a place in my heart during this book. I didn’t think I could love Stoker or Veronica more but this book change that. Now I can’t wait for the fourth book, I am so excited. 

As for Deanna Writing, she always has a way of making me want the next book before its even finish. The way she writes Veronica is bloody amazing. You really feel like Veronica is the very definition of a female or how females react when protecting their family. Stoker is amazing, very much the modern day gentleman, or what we hope is a modern day gentleman. He does not shy away from sexual talks with Veronica but at the same time will blush by her bluntness. Stoker in society is bold, strong, scary victorian man but behind closed doors, he becomes a hopeless romantic. This part of Stoker makes Veronica become so protective it seems, and the same can be said of Stoker with Veronica. Can you tell I am seriously in love with this Series and I could go on for days about the books? But before I spill all the spoilers, I think you should buy the series for yourself as a Christmas present and read it. As always all of the author links as well as mine will be listed below and Happy Holidays. please, read and share this blog along with the others. 

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