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Kat Von D Mini Shade and Light Contour Color Palettes

                                    Kat Von D Mini Shade and Light Contour Color Palettes

Kat Von D Shadows, have always been one of my faves and I have collected them for so long, that I just get excited when a new palette by her comes out, so these mini palettes where no exception.
Lets start with the case, it is compact, small and sturdy. These cases are a little more then half the size of her original Mini palettes from two years ago. These case are plastic, not tin like her old ones but still nice. I want to say they are the size of Urban Decay Naked basic palettes. These will fit nicely in any makeup bag even the Ipsy ones. The cases are so sturdy, i feel like the eyeshadows would not break will traveling with them. I just love these cases.

The eyeshadows inside are all matte. There are four Eyeshadows inside not 8 like her original mini palettes. The four inside consist of the biggest one at 1X2.63g or 0.092 and then the other three are at the size of 3x1.15 or 0.04 according to the packaging. The price is 26 dollars.

The matte shadows are creamy, smooth, soft and easy to use. They blend very well, apply well to the lid. The plum palette has all the purples and the two middle purple shades seam so similar that the darker purple needs to be apply a little more to tell the differences between the two shades. Some of the shades are creamier then others but they all give nice pigmentation.

One thing I want to point out is that I feel like Kat should have include more palettes in these collection palettes. She should have added an all nude palette beside the orange rust palette and then she should have add an all nude pink rosy tone palette similar to the naked 3. I would have love to see a very rich pink palette from Kat von D.

 These palettes are totally amazing in my opinion. Kat does Mattes so well and i Believe these palettes are no exception. They blend well, they are smooth and creamy. They are easy to use and wear, you can honestly get a smokey or a more natural look from each of the palettes. They have color like all KVD palettes and travel very well. Plus you can't beat the price or size of each palette. I would recommend these palettes to anyone. So now I will post swatches below and pictures of each palette below.

Sage Palette

 Rust Palette

Smoke Palette

Plum Palette

Kat Von D

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