Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aphrodite’s Gift… Author Allison Cassatta.. This is a Summary Review by Mia Meli
This book starts out with the most shocking start that I have seen in a book for a very long time. As you read the beginning, you become to wonder if Certain Characters are truly crazy, which goes on to gives you a great scare. But then you get this “like Oh My God I can’t wait” type of feeling, to see what Happens next. Then enters a beautiful mysterious woman Name Syria, who when you first meet her, you can’t figure out why she has come, or what she has come for. As you continue to read, you learn that Syria is there to recruit Deacon the main male lead character, to help her. As we come to the present day, we see this change in dynamics from Deacon and the females in his life. Then we meet Violet, this lady who seems to have a very plain ordinary life, but as we all know that is how any good female characters comes to be. As we move forward into the story we meet more awesome characters that really bring this story to life. Of course we also learn more about whom Violet, Deacon and Syria are and have or will become. As the story continues we also learn why Violet and Deacon are connected. Make no mistake about it, yes this story is a love story but it has so much more to it. It has action, drama, love, conflict and comedy, all things that a great story should have in this world. I lost myself in this story as I read it, it takes a great story to make you do that and Allison has written an awesome story. So I hope after reading this review that you will check out this story and many more by Allison Cassatta. All links are listed below, and we will meet again soon when I have another book to review plus the time XD…
Mia Meli

AMAZON REVIEW and LINK: Book Description

Publication Date: September 12, 2012
Deacon is a hard-nosed demon slayer who loves his solitude and doesn’t do well with taking orders. He’s a mammoth of a man, endowed by the gods and goddesses with strength, immortality and stunning good looks. Now he’s charged to send an incubus who almost killed him back to hell.

Violet is a career woman who is smart and funny, who has friends but no true love...other than her romance novels. She hates her size fourteen jeans and the sight of herself in the mirror makes her cringe. After a night of drinking with her best friend and a love spell gone awry, she finds herself mixed up with evil.

Who will triumph? Who will have Violet's soul?