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Rookie on Love

Hello, fellow book lovers of this amazingly beautiful book filled world. I am back today with a brand new blog on a very interesting book about love title Rookie On Love by Tavi Gevinson. Apparently, Tavi has many Rookie On books but this is the first I have ever heard of them and I am obsessed with this one. Tavi also has an online site and Magzine title "Rookie On" which I will be listed later on when this blog is done. This book originally was released on January 2nd, 2018 but I received the Arc in Feb from Razor Bill for a blog tour. I often team up for Blog Tours with Penguin and their other companies. So huge thank you to RazorBill for this book and I am sincerely sorry this blog is a day late because I have been sick this past week and on antibiotics. Now that I have assessed all of this let's get on to the summary and my thoughts on the book.

This book contains a ton of short stories and poems all about Love, hence the name Rookie on Love. So let's begin and break down each story into a tiny Summary which will consist of sections in order for you to see why I love this book. I will then be posting final thoughts like always to discuss my feelings and add any final information. So let's begin with this amazing book and all of its beautiful stories.
"Post Cards from Apollo6" p1: A simple poem talking about young love and its feelings.

"How to deal with Rejection"p 3-4: About the Love of Studying and Inspiring One Self throughout this life.

"FWD: Letter to LEYB"p7-11 This was comparing the Love of people to the digital world and its influences on modern day society. 

"The most exciting Moment of Alma Life" p13-14: It talks about how our dreams can carry our love but is it always the love we should seek in this life or not.  

"Binary Planets Writing" p17-25: This is about the love between two sisters and how its okay to be close but not too close. It explains that family love should also be separated at times. 

"Beyond Self-Respect" p 27: This talks about the love in relationships and how that love should be respectful of each other as well as oneself. 

"For Amy and other Women who Carry Chaos" p33: This is a poem talking about self-love and the love of others as well.   

"Unrequited" p37: This talks about how teenagers are sometimes afraid to love each other in relationships so much that they agonized over it but never do anything about it. 

"YouFirst" p43: This talks about the self-love we all need to instill in our lives even if it means saying No. It also talks about how saying no can help one's self-love increase for the better.

"Memory is an Angel Who Can Fly No More"p49: This is about being cheated on and betrayed by someone you love and Trusted. 

"Book Love" p57: The love a reader has for their books and how it brings passion into their lives. 

"Super Into a Person's Person-ness"p 61: This is a conversation between to amazing talented YA authors about how love can give us growth especially as teenagers. 

"Karma" p67: This is about the love we put out into the world and how it can maybe affect us later on in life. 

"2am at the Ramen Shop and I'm trying to Say I Love You" p79: a poem comparing love to food.   

"Centripetal Force" 83: This story describes the love that a woman has for her life work of Music and how that love can become many things over the course of the work. 

"Oriki For Mum" p89: This author talks about how her Grandmother's love can help her face the evils of the world such as Racism even in modern day society. 

"Whammo" P 94: A comic about stress and how love can help you better face the stress of this world.

"Willis" P 101: It's about the Love of animals and how we should pay more attention to our animals in this world 

"Afraid of Love" p105: Love poem about not being afraid of life.  

"Quicken the Senses: A Conversation with Margo Jefferson" p107: Talks about the Love of writing. How you can use this love to create better and learn more. 

"Before I started writing these things Directly to You" p 113: How real relationship love will make the unimportant things not matter when it's the right person you're loving.

"The Heart attempts to clear its name" p117: Poem about the love coming from the heart and how the heart can still love during the most painful experiences in our lives.

"Self Acceptance" p 121: This about learning to love yourself for who you are.    

"How to Confess Your Crush" p 125: Telling people you have a crush on them and why you should tell them.

"Living by the Blade" p 135: This story uses the legend of King Arthur to describe how this life is filled with different trips of love. 

"Only Shallow" p 139: It talks about how painful moments in life can set you up to look for shallow surface love.   

"Monster" p155: Poem on how love can become or create a Monster in this world. 

"The jealous Type"P 157: An adult thought process on how jealousy is in teen relationships in general. 

"From Sparks to Bonfire"p167: A story about how love can define us to our core when it truly meaningful. 

"In Real Life" p171: A story about meeting online friends and how that friendship can be full of real love. 

"The Power in Questioning"p175: Story that describes how loving oneself love needs to be explored more for a better life. 

"On Love and Associated Leavings"p179: A story about loving yourself and someone else so much so that you know when to leave even the most painful relationships in life.

"astaghfirullah: a kiss before dying"p185: A poem describing insta fake love in this world. 

"Lonesome Cowboy"p191: A story on how to be more receptive to the idea of love and what it can create in your life.

"Past Exposure"p197: A story about Breaking up and faking love for the sake of hiding pain and expressing fake happiness.

"A Guide to Falling in Love, Teleserye Style" p203: A comical Saitire story about how to fall in love with your soulmate.  

"Radiance"p209: A story about how expressing love can bring on a brighter side in life.

"UnderPressure"p213: A story about how a real love relationship doesn't need sex attached to it, to survive. 

"Friends for Life"p219: A story about how you should love your friends more and that the love of Friendship is just as important as every other love.

"Infinite Love" p223: A story about accepting the Love that has come through our life and letting it change all experiences of Love. 

"OMG, Yay!"p228: A story about loving the simple moments in life. 

"Against Love Stories"p231: A story about looking for love throughout the world and your life in the phases that it comes to you.  

"Do Sisters Actually Love Each Other?"p251: A story about the love of family and what it can mean to that family. 

"Stick 'N' Poke"p259: A story about not losing control over life while handling love. 

"Maybe One Day"p265: A story about how first meetings in this world can bring on Love. 

"How to Touch Me"p 269: A story about how the simple touches of a loved one can bring show you the experience of real love in this world.  Now that you hold little summaries of each story or poem lets get on to my final thoughts on this book. 

My finals thoughts are as follow; I rated this book a five out of five stars. I honestly did not love all of the stories in this book but I did enjoy the majority of the stories. There were only a few stories that I did not enjoy. I have tabbed up this book a lot and will continue to reread it. At first, I felt like this book was going to be a "typical teenage" guide about the woes of being a teenager in love and how it can seem so dramatic but it really isn't. But as I continue to read I learn that it wasn't a "typical teenage" guide at all, it was a deeply meaningful guide on how to love and learn all kinds of love. It discusses the topics of love among friends, family as well as relationships. It discusses how we can nurture relationships so they are healthy and fulfilling all the while loving yourself to the best too. I also really loved that all of these discussions on love are coming from many diverse people and their own personal lives. We have stories about racism, death, friendship, insta-love and how love can be found throughout this experiences. But it also talks about how we might not want the love that these experiences can bring about. This guide explains how we should look for respectful love and how its the healthiest love to have. It really is an amazing guide that I believe everyone should add to their bookshelf. It's also a guide that believes parents could benefit from while raising a teenager or even a great guide to give to a teenager. Its a guide everyone could use especially in this world today. I cant tell you enough about how much I enjoy this book and will continue to use and learn from this book. I will provide all details for the Editor and book down below as well as all of my social media. I truly hope this blog has inspired you to buy this book and love it just as much as I do. Once again thank you to RazorBill for providing me with this ARC, it was a joy to read and have.

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The Belles By Dhonielle Clayton

Hello fellow book lovers of the world, and Welcome back to my latest book blog. This blog is about The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton which came out Feb 6th from Disney Hyperion Freeform books. I was blessed enough to receive an ARC, but sadly I was not able to get to it before the release date. I am sincerely sorry for this review being up late. But on the 6th of Feb, I bought the audiobook to listen too because I have wanted to read this book for so long. I am so happy I decided to buy the audiobook, now onto the summary and my final thoughts of this book. 

This book starts out explaining the History of the Belles, Such as the main Character Camille. It talks about how Camille was raise to only take care of the Royals. That it is the job of the Belle’s to always look out for the Royals. But Most Importantly One Belle would be chosen to be at court with the King and Queen. She would be called the Favorite Belle. This big ball happens and the Belles are set out to perform so the favorite Belle is chosen. At first, the Favorite Belle that is Chosen is Amber, Camille Adopted Sister, but then things happen that cause Camille to become the favorite Belle of the Royal Family. As time goes on Camille discovers that being a Royal Favorite Belle is not all that its promoted to be. She finds things out about her Belle heritage that might end her life along with things that might end the life of the Royal Family. But in order to know more, I really suggest you buy the book, now onto my Summary. 

I rated this book a five out of five Stars. I love how Dhonielle had us guessing at every turn about who is really telling the truth. I love how Camille is so curious and doesn’t give up. Even when she is being threatened by people she still continues to want to help. There is so much mystery and intrigue throughout this book, that it makes you wonder who will be the next person to be hurt. People are falling in love with People that they should not be. But throughout the whole Book Camille just has this gift about keeping her head held high. I also love how colorful this book becomes through Dhonielle words. She describes a very French inspire royal era that takes place in New Orleans and its just breathe taking. I love how colorful she makes the ladies fashions but also how she adds a bit of Margaret Atwood “Hand Maiden Tale” to this book by describing this beauty is pain aspect of the world. She goes into depth about how these characters will do anything to be as colorful as the rest of the world.  She really gives us a strong deep look at the Beauty world even in today modern society. I honestly could tell you so much more about this awesome book but I will leave it to you to read it. I really suggest you do read it because it is one of my latest favorites of 2018. I can tell that this book will be apart of a series simply because of how it was written and I am already dying for book two. This book is amazing and Now I want more. Once again thank you Disney Books for the Arc and I am sorry for not reviewing earlier. Please go out and buy this book. As always all of the links will be listed below for the book, the author, and my Social media. Please Share this blog.

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