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A Perilous Undertaking

Hello, Fellow Book lovers I am back to bring you another awesome Review. This review will be base on Book-two in the Veronica Speedwell Series by Deanna Raybourn. I am so excited you guys this series is one of my favorites, and now Book four is about to be released in March of 2019, I can’t wait. But now let's get back to Book two A Perilous Undertaking was release January 2017 in the USA and is now available in Paperback as well. Guys Seriously, if Deanna Had Veronica Merch of any Kind it, Half my room would have to be cover. Veronica Speedwell will be a series feature in my Top Ten book list of the year. I can’t express enough about how much I love this series but let's see if I can provide more in the summary and final thoughts portion of the blog like always.

So A Perilous Undertaking is about Veronica and Stoker solving a Deadly Murder mystery. The Mistress of One Lord Miles Ramsforth has been killed. Miles is the main Suspect but did he do it. Miles friends such as Princess Louise of the Victorian Crown aka Lady Sundridge has to ask Veronica Privately to investigate the murder. OF course, Veronica decides to do it for personal reasons but she also Seeks Stoker's help. We also first meet the great Lady Wellington aka Wellie who is a riot of laughter through most of the book and also is connected to the great Princess Louise. As Veronica and Stoker investigate the murder we find out Scandalous things about all of the people involved even Stoker own family. But will we ever find out who the real murder of the Mistress was and why was she murder, you will only know if you pick up this series, which I urge you to do already.

As for my final thoughts on this book and the characters, especially Veronica and Stoker. This story really explains more about Veronica relationship to her family connections. We as readers find out what some of those family members really think of Veronica and how they try to use her. We learn why Stoker is so distant from his own family. This story also provides more knowledge about Stoker trouble childhood, and somewhat about his first marriage, which is discussed more in Book three. Stoker himself gives us reasons as to why he is so protective of Veronica around her family and his. We gain a lot of knowledge about who is who and why they are the way they are. Of course, we also gain information on the famous Lady Wellington and what she really thinks of Veronica and How that plays into Veronica Life. This book is so well detailed when it comes to these characters and their actions, I just enjoyed it so much and I can’t wait to reread them. 

I clearly rated this book a five out of five stars. I honestly could probably read this series every day and not get sick of these characters. When these books are over with, my first thought is always when will Deanna Raybourn next Veronica book be released. I love how strong, fierce, and Independent Veronica Speedwell is for a Victorian girl. I also love how Veronica makes Stoker's Blush when talking about Romance among women and men. Stoker doesn’t seem proper to others but he is such a Gentleman with Veronica, it's clear that he cares about her. He always seems to put her first when making a decision, even thou it doesn’t seem that way. I also love Veronica Shocking opinions, she just voices whatever pops into her head and it reminds me of me. I personally related to Veronica on a Kindred spiritual level. My favorite thing about this precise book has to be how Scandalous it is for Victorian age. This book involves so much information about Victorian brothels and how the Socialites, like to enjoy their Personal time. It talks about Orgies, Sexual toys of the Era and it really helps bring Veronica Forth somewhat. What I mean by this is that Veronica just gives you such laughs when she is discussing any scientific Sexual information especially with Stoker. (I am not blushing you are lol). This has to be one of my favorite books although I say that about all of Veronica Speedwell Books. 

Now I honestly hope you all check out this series, either from the library, a friend bookshelf or buy them yourselves because they are funny as heck. I one hundred percent will always recommend this series to people around me because it is officially one of my favorites. Honestly, friends, I can’t rave enough about Veronica Speedwell books, they really make you think and they are such a fast read. Once I begin one of these books I can’t put it down. Like I said before when I finish one, I right away want the next one to read already. So I hope you guys enjoy this review of Book two. Please share this blog with all of your friends. As always, all of the Links for these books, their reviews, and the author are below along with my Social media information. 

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