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Stalking Jack the Ripper Review

Hello, You wonderful book lovers and welcome back to my beautiful awesome book blog. I hope you have been enjoying this blog so far. So now let's get to my latest book that I have read this week, It’s Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco. This book was bought by me from Amazon, back in February when I originally found out about it through Booktube. Then a couple of weeks ago I received in the mail, much to my surprise the Arc of Hunting Prince Dracula which is the Second book in this mystery series by Kerri. So, of course, I take reviews very seriously and immediately started Read Stalking Jack the Ripper so I can read Hunting Prince Dracula soon and boy am I glad I did. Now let's get to the review for Stalking Jack, because that's all you guys really want to know right. 

Stalking Jack the Ripper the book is a fiction tale, semi using the details from the case of the real Jack the Ripper. The two main characters in this book is one Audrey Rose Wadsworth,(btw Kerri, if your reading this, I love her Name.) and the other is Mr Thomas Cresswell. Audrey is a female, who lives in a time of restriction towards females, and as we all know educated females never let restrictions stop them. AudreyRose is very much a Feminist in the grande Victorian Age of London. So it should come as to no surprise that she decides to do something, most would consider below her status in society. That something turns out to be a medical examiner or Forensic scientist of sorts. She decides to study the science of dead bodies like her Uncle because she lost her Mum very young. So during her studies, she learns that her Uncle and his intern Mr Thomas Cresswell, is helping Scotland Yard investigate the murders performed by Jack the Ripper. After Audrey is invited to help, all hell pretty much breaks lose. All of the clues point to a family member being the murder. She is also slowly starting to like Thomas's banter, clever wit and the way he makes her think for herself, which doesn’t help matters either. Why? because lets be real who wants to fall in love or semi-love while investigating possible family members for being a famous murder. As time goes on, Audrey Rose is closer to the murder then she thinks as well as being closer to Mr Cresswell. But of course for you to find out who the murder is, you need to buy the book. No seriously you need this book in your life, you will not regret it. Now Lets get to more book details below.

 I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it is written so well. The best way to describe the story is that it is a puzzle, such as Agatha Christie murder novels or even Charlene Harris "Aurora Teagarden Series". Where the story is not really about how the victim was murder but more about who, when, where and finally why. This book wants you to look at the murders as being a puzzle for a crime-solving like Aurora does in the Aurora Teagarden series.I hope all of that makes sense but before I continue I also would like to point out that this book discusses in some detail Forensic science.  It is the process of a Doctor or Scientist receiving a dead body to study its organs. But back in Victorian days, it was also a way to study what cause a person death and to provide organs to medical science. While this is discuss in the book, it is not extremely detailed to point of making someone feel sick. I am a sensitive person to these types of things and this detailed did not bother me. Now on to more details about the story itself.

 This story is not your standard Murder mystery in the sense that it's all about the murder. This book is also about Audrey Rose becoming her own person and standing for what it means to be herself.  I also honestly couldn’t believe how funny this book was, mainly from Thomas’s view point. Thomas tends to be the one who keeps Audrey Rose on her toes and really helps to get her to think about everything, even him as a possible suitor.He loves the fact that she is so well educated compared to most girls of her position. He tends to use humorous flirty banter to keep her on her toes. I can’t say enough about how much I love Thomas in this book, he is so funny and modern compare to the Victorian age. I also loved the cover on this book. This cover which is shown above of a woman holding a knife while wearing Steampunk victorian clothing is bloody beautiful, intriguing and inviting.I honestly can’t wait to start the next book in the series which is Hunting Prince Dracula, and it comes out in September 2017 for hardcover sell. As always all links are below for the book and Author. Plus you will find all of my social media links. Thank you for your time and a special thank you to Little Brown and Jimmy Patterson books for the Arc of Hunting Prince Dracula. 

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