Thursday, May 18, 2017

Some Kind of Hero review

So I received Some kind of Hero Arc By Suzanne Brockman off of NetGalley for review. It is a romance novel about the military, which is a typical book from Suzanne Brockman. This book is actually from Suzanne Brockman Troubleshooters series involving Seal team Sixteen. I will admit the reason I requested this book was because I am a huge Suzanne Brockman fan. She has written some of my absolute favorite novels. This book is set to release in July of 2017 so you will not have to wait long for the book to come out. Now let's get to my thoughts on this book. 

This book is about Shayla Whitman who has two boys who are teenagers. She meets her neighbor Peter Greene who happens to be a Lieutenant for Seal team sixteen. How she ends up meeting Peter, is when he is looking for a way to track his sixteen-year-old daughter Maddie who has gone missing. So as they are trying to track Maddie, Peter ends up sharing his life story with Shayla and vice verse.  As the story continues Maddie ends up in more trouble. Shayla gets closer to Peter while helping to look for Maddie. I also want to add that Shayla is a romance writer very much like Suzanne Brockman, so this helps Shayla to think outside of the box when it comes to the whole Maddie story. As the story goes on Shayla and Peter start to really like each other. But do they save Maddie as their feelings grow for each other? To find out what happens at the end you will need to pick up this book in July especially if you are a fan of Romance novels or Suzanne Brockman. 

This book is typical Suzanne Brockman Navy Seal romance book. I honestly think Suzanne knows more about the Navy then even the Navy, I am joking of course. I have love Suzanne books since I was twenty and this book is no exception. Peter is typical I am a bad ass navy seal and no one can break me. He is very much, I don’t need to fall in love but then comes Shayla. Shayla is a romance author of suspense, so she loves romance along with the typical mystery solving game. She is the bright smart girl that is in even Suzanne novel. She doesn’t believe someone like Peter could fall for her geeky mind but he does. Of course, it all starts with saving Maddie who is typical, "I hate the world teenager" and yet very naive at the same time and ends up trusting the wrong people. You will totally fall in love with these characters because Suzanne Brockman just writes those characters that you can’t help but love. There is a special feeling you get when you read her characters like you have known them all of your life. I absolutely cannot recommend this book enough for those who love romance or finding romance in the stereotypical hopeless romantic way. Plus I love all of the action Suzanne always puts in her books. You can bet your life, that this book will contain tons of thrilling jaw-dropping action.  This book is a must have for Suzanne Brockman Fans because you also get revisit some of your old favorites from the TroubleShooters series. For sure I say pick this book up in July. 

As for the book itself, I rate it a Four out of five stars. Yes, this rating is a little bias because I love Suzanne writing. She makes you feel like you're visiting a family that you haven’t seen in a while when you read her series. She also writes awesome nail-biting action into her novels. You really feel the suspense when you read her books, along with the typical will they, won't they torture of a great romance novel. The cover on this book is a very typical American romance cover which is a guy posing in uniform, it's really no big deal. That is typical for American romance novel covers, and let's face it we don’t buy romance novels for the covers do we (wink, wink). I can’t say it enough, I love all of Suzanne Navy  Characters, I really do, and I will always buy her books, this one will be no exception. All of the links will be listed below as usually for Suzanne, her book and my Social Media 

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