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Hunting Prince Dracula review

Hello, my fellow book lovers and guess what I have for you today. It's a review of Hunting Prince Dracula, the sequel to Stalking Jack the Ripper from Kerri Maniscalco. It is set for release September 19th, 2017 and it's my favorite book of the series, so far. I would like to thank Hachette Book Group, Little Brown and Jimmypattersonbooks for sending me this Arc to read and review. I am so incredibly thankful that I finally pick up this series and read it. Now let's get to the actual summary and review of the book because I am so excited for this book.

So the book begins where Stalking Jack the Ripper left off and that is with AudreyRose and Thomas traveling to Romania for the forensic school. On the way to study dead bodies, guess what happens? A murder of one of the occupants on the train. This murder ends up leading AudreyRose and Thomas on an investigation, that somehow leads to the school, aka Prince Dracula castle, the real Dracula not the vampire. (<——Look it up, it is real history). It seems that there are two families lines in attendance to the school who happens to be related to Dracula or better known as Vlad the Impaler. This leads some people to believe that the new murders are possibly related to the two family members of royal blood. Then there are some who believe AudreyRose is the cause of the murders, once they find out she has a connection to Jack the Ripper. Either way, these new murders lead AudreyRose and Thomas onto a murder hunt once again. But in order to know who is the real murderer, you will need to pick up this book in September because trust me you won’t regret it. So people let's get to my final thoughts about this amazing story. 

Okay so first, OH MY GOD I am so utterly in love with Thomas Cresswell, even though he makes mistakes like all men when it comes to love. I love how modern he is when it comes to AudreyRose and her feelings about things yet somewhat old fashion because he likes her so much. I love how Thomas is witty and banters with AudreyRose though out the entire series. I hope that soon they will be engaged or even married, like maybe in the next book(but that's just a hope). After reading this book, I could see AudreyRose simply eloping with Thomas in secret just to be daring. (heads up that doesn’t happen in this book even though I wish it had.) But personally, in my opinion, Thomas personality just really reminds me so much of David Tennant as the tenth doctor or Colin O Donoghue as Hook from Once Upon a time. He is just so lovable, witty and protective. I now seriously can’t wait to read more about Thomas in the third book which probably will come out next year, hopefully. 

Now as for AudreyRose Wadsworth, who is the daughter of a Lord. She lost her mother very young which causes the Ripper to appear out of nowhere. But AudreyRose just happens to also have this morbid curiosity for Forensic which is not very lady like for a Victorian lady. But as AudreyRose is reminded, if Queen Victoria who is female can run the Country then Audrey Rose can become a Forensic Scientist. In the first book, she is given a Chance to study Forensics by mentoring underneath her Uncle who works for Scotland Yard. But in this book She receives the Chance to go to Romania to study Forensics with Thomas at Prince Dracula Castle. I just love how tough AudreyRose becomes as she becomes more of an Investigator. I also loved how she comes to realize her feelings for Thomas, but doesn’t let him be in charge of her, in their relationship. I love how cute she is when jealous of Thomas's love life or lack of. She is like so many women in history, when a man tells her she can't-do it, she always finds a way. I so am dying right now knowing that there is a third book and it won’t come to next year. I am praying I get to read the Arc like I had the chance with this one because this book hasn't even been released and I already want the third book's Arc. 

Okay now to the book, I rated it a five out of five stars. It is an utterly absolutely morbid delight to read.It also is a historical fiction story. Kerri actually used real-life historical stories such as Jack The Rippers murders to tell the story. But all of her characters are usually made up except in the case of the first book, those were really Jack's Murder Victims.  I usually cringe at reading about murders but not in the case of these books. Kerri has a way of writing the murder mystery as a Puzzle to be solved, so that's why I think I love them so much.  I also love that She writes Thomas with such wit, which usually has me laughing at him. I love how she makes AudreyRose really think about solving the murders yet at the same time allows AudreyRose to be as misguided in love as the rest of the world. For example, AudreyRose can notice little details like what is causing a victim to smell foul but she can't seem to always tell how Thomas is feeling about her. Honestly, there is never a dull moment in these books, either you're kept on your toes by the murder clues or by Thomas's bantering with AudreyRose. I just cannot tell you enough about how much I adore these books. I want to read them all, and I am dying with excitement over the Third Book, that I know is coming.. YASSSSSS( crazy fangirl scream inserted here).Kerri just writes this funny fantastic amazing world of mystery that makes you crave more every time you read this book. If you love the Aurora Teagarden Series by Charlene Harris, Agatha Christie, or Sherlock Holmes, You seriously need to GO buy this book in September and buy the first book Stalking Jack the Ripper right now. This series is going to be a favorite of mine, for years to come, I can just tell. As always I hope you love this blog, and all of the Author's, books and my Social media links will be below along with my review for Stalking Jack theRipper the first book.  

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