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She's So Boss

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Hey Everybody, Welcome back to my latest book blog and today I have for you this wonderful awesome business Guide for young females. I would like to graciously Thank Quercus USA for allowing me the chance to read and review this awesome book. Now the Guide is called She’s So Boss by Stacy Kravetz. First off can we please talk about that awesome title, “She’s So boss”. It is such an amazing, balls grabbing title for a book. This title clearly shows you that this book is ready to get down to business, so you don’t have to wait. Now that I’ve express my views on the amazing title lets get to the rest of the review.

“She’s So Boss” is a book about business tips for young women who are entrepreneurs. This books is really geared towards helping young women learn more about how to start a business. It also discuss the in’s and out’s of creating a business, how to handle business social media and where to start when discussing business. One of the tips I learn from this book, is to talk to everyone about business, even just friends and family. When you get together with someone and they ask, hey how is it going. That is your moment to say well I am doing this type of business, for example I always share my latest book blog with my family whenever I can. This type of example helps you to learn how to sell yourself aka your business to people. It helps you to defined the important points of business. Another favorite tip of mine is the “How not to be annoying Marketer”, because lets face it we all hate annoying marketing, I know I do. I will also admit when I work in the fast food industry, we always had to up sell drinks, which means we would try to sell them the largest drink and I hate doing that to people. So this annoying marketer guide page really showed me how to change that. It gives tips on how to be nice when facing rejection and on how to post marketing on social media among other things. I honestly wish I had, had this book back when I started my Youtube videos five years ago or even when I was going to college for web design. This book hands you everything, you would learn in a business class, except it defines things in much simpler terms. This book literally provides step by step tips for how you should sell yourself and your business. It shows you how to take something you love and turn it into an everyday business. It gives you ideas on how to share that business proposal in a friendly way without over sharing. But it also provides you with examples from other Successful women in the business market. Overall I can’t tell you  how much I love and will continue to use this book for my business ideas. I am just going to say it, you need to buy, buy, buy this book on May 16th. This book is a life changer when your pursuing business, especially for a young female.

Examples of Tips in the book

As for the book, itself, I love the cover. Its bright yellow with blue, which means it welcomes you to read it but it will also be bold and kick ass when it comes to the business tips. I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars because I believe everyone can benefit from this book, even though it geared for Women. In my honest opinion, a college teacher could use this as a text book or an extra book for teaching a business course. I could see this book providing a lot of Simpler faster method of understanding a business text book. This is also a great guide for those who want to learn business course methods but cannot afford college or retaking a business class. This book is honestly giving you a refresher course in easy to do tips without spending to much time on it. This is a great book for moms who have home business such as those new makeup commercial companies. This book in my opinion is great for everyone, even guys because of the sample, yet great business tips it provides. I also wanted to add if you are a young female starting a new business, this book is more then just a book, the author really did provide you with an education for less then 20 dollars in Us money. I know for a fact most of my text books cost more then that. Like I said before I wish I had this kind of education book when I was in college and just starting Youtube.  But hey don’t take my word for it, go buy it, it release in May and see how helpful it is to your own business. As always links are provided below for the book. 

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