Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Irregular

Hello, Fellow book lovers and welcome back to my newest blog. The newest blog is about The Irregular by H.B. Lyle which I received as an Arc from Quercus USA, so a huge thank you to them for letting me review any of their books. This book will be available for sale November 7th, 2018. So let's get to the summary and of course my thoughts on the book. 

 This is a mystery novel about two men Kell Vernon and his co-agent Wiggins. Now you might say to yourself, Wiggins I have heard of this name before. Well, you have its the famous Sherlock Holmes, Wiggins. The book starts out with Kell former agent being hunted down by the killers, Which leads us to meet Kell Vernon and find out that he is a Secret Agent for counterintelligence in London during 1909. He is looking for Russian and German Espionage that is trying to set off war and take out London. But he needs help, so he sets out to hired Wiggins on the advice of the very famous Sherlock Holmes. As the book continues, we learn more about Wiggins, his past and why Holmes is so fond of him as a secret agent.  We also get to see Wiggins in action as a Secret agent. All of this leads us on a chase towards finding out who is actually behind the Espionage along with several murders that are happening in the book. Now onto my final thoughts about this book.

I rated this book a very generous 3 stars out of five and I will explain why. This story lacks the very essence of a classic Holmes mystery. I do understand it was not Suppose to be a retelling of a Sherlock Holmes mystery but you can’t give the reader Sherlock in one chapter and then remove him in the next five chapters. There where moments, where I love the mystery and felt like hey its finally taking off and going somewhere, then the next few chapters would be about Wiggin’s past and present. The author set up the murders but lack the investigation for me behind the murders, and I really love the investigation part of the book. Then the author introduces Bela, who was supposed to be the young female of Russian descendent that Wiggins was supposed to fall in love with. But while Bela had her moments of intrigue, overall she felt flat and lacking the personality of a female for me. I just found too many things in this book that did not appeal to me but eventually average out with the things that I did like. The moments of real Sherlock Holmes vibes, the moments where Winston Churchill actually appears and speaks. I felt like the historical moments actually felt very real and spoke volumes. So if you like espionage mysteries then this book will probably fit your taste more than mine. I tend to like more Sherlock Holmes mysteries and not Spy Espionage. So I suggest you check this book out at the library or buy it to see.  As always all of my links to the author, book and my social media are below

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