Sunday, July 30, 2017

All things New Review

Hi book lovers of the world, and welcome back to my latest book blog. This blog is about All New things written by Lauren Miller and published by Three Saints Press. I received this as an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a review. The reason I wanted to read an Arc of this book, is because I suffer from depression and Anxiety myself. I love reading books about characters who seeing life similar to how I see the life. As for NetGalley, it is a website anyone can sign up for as long as you provide a review. This book is officially available for purchase on Tuesday, August first and I will be buying it.  So let's get to what you really want to know, the summary and my thoughts on this book. 

This book centers around a high school girl by the Name of Jessa. When Jessa was in middle school, her parents got a divorce which causes her to develop deep anxiety. Of course, her mother helps Jessa gets help for the attacks but when it doesn’t work, Jessa decides to leave it. Soon after all of these bombs, Jessa mother makes things worst by remarrying and having a new family, which makes Jessa Anxiety worst. All of these things cause Jessa, to focus more on body image and hanging out with the wrong people. She meets a guy name Wren and everything seems to become about him and what he wants as well as her image. She fakes being the perfect popular kid to get through the anxiety. In some weird way, all of this helps her by giving her some control over her life. But on new year’s eve, after two years of dating, she finds out how much Wren is the wrong guy for her. The information she finds out causes a car accident which leads to changes in Jessa’s life. These big changes may just save her and help her grow to be a better person. So in order for you to know the rest, you need to buy this book, especially if you deal with Mental health. I do want to say that Jessa also has experiences with the spiritual world, just in case you don’t feel that way about things. Now onto my thoughts about what I felt from this book. 

I rated this book a four out of five stars because this book is so well written about mental health and what the spiritual world could be trying to show us about it. I do feel like this book could cause some triggers though for teens, especially when Jessa is seeing scars on people faces. While I understand what the author was trying to describe with the scars and set up the story. The scars could trigger the feelings of those who are cutters. So I can see many trigger points in this book while others could not. I also have to say while you do have Jessa Praying to God for help and also somewhat dealing with an Angel who helps her understand what she is seeing, it's not overly religious. But at the same time, I did really love how Lauren wrote the anxiety aspect of this book, it felt so real to me. I could relate to many of Jessa’s feelings on being angry with the world. I could relate to how she saw the world and I could relate to how she wasn’t able to make friends easily. I have always been that type of anxiety girl that had a hard time associating with people. I also love that Lauren added diversity in this book by including many different Mental disorders. She added kids in the book who deal with Autism, and she wrote them beautifully. So many things were right with this book, that I could overlook some of the trigger aspects. I believe everyone who suffers from Mental Health needs to read this book, it will help a lot more than hurt.  I am just sitting here, writing, yet still feeling amazed by what this book has to offer. As always the links for the book and Author are below, as well as my social links. 

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