Monday, July 24, 2017

Protecting their Mate Vol one review

My latest read is an Arc that was provided courteous of the amazing Of Moira Rogers team, for a new breed changing erotic romance release title Protecting their mate. Protecting their mate( last pack series) is available on Amazon(Link below). It will be released in three short volumes. Now let's get to the summary and my thoughts on this book. 

The female lead is named Ashley, and the male lead is Blake. When we first meet these two, Blake is breaking down the door that Ashley is lock behind. It turns out that Ashley is a female werewolf who parents would lock her away when she was in heat. That is not good for a female wolf, it's not safe and they can apparently go crazy for it. So of course when Blake rescues  Ashley, they end up having sex in the local motel to keep her safe and happy. But as the story goes on, you learn that Ashley might just be the last female wolf and Blake might not be her mate. So they end up going back to the local werewolf pack for help and more Sex. But in order to know the rest, you actually will have to buy the books.

I am a fan of Erotica like Moira Rogers so for me I am rating this book a 3 out of five stars. Why 3 stars, well because the volumes always leave you wanting more of Blake and Ashley as a team. I love the romance between them and how it builds as the erotica continues. I also love how Blake becomes more protective of Ashley through out the series. I also love how Ashley is a strong female. She seems to be able to fight for herself and knows what she wants. Blake knows he wants Ashley forever but he also believes in loyalty and duty to his pack. So for Blake, it becomes hard to stake his claim on Ashley. Its a great romance of will they or won't they. Now if you love Lora Leigh Breed series, you will love this series by Moira Rogers. This book contains action along with Erotica but also has a read good character build up too. I would totally recommend these books to my friends who love Erotica. I will also be checking out more of Moira Roger Books because they seem to be my kind of books. So if you wish to buy this book, the links will be listed below as well as the author's links. Also, all of my social media links are listed below too.

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