Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Protecting their mate Volume three

My latest read is a three volume Arc that was provided courteous of the amazing author team which is Kit Rocha, but writing as Moira Rogers, for a new breed changing erotic romance release title Protecting their mate. Protecting their mate( last pack series) is available on Amazon(Link below).It will be released in three short volumes or one entire collection. Kit Rocha also has other books that Dystopian erotica romance series's title the O’Kanes and the Gideon Riders that are available for Purchase as well. Now let's get to the summary and my thoughts on this book.

The female lead is named Ashley, and the male lead is Blake.Blake has now help Ashley return to their wolf pack after the pack has spent a while trying to track her and her family. Not many female wolves are left, so the males need to track the remaining females to find mates.  Ashley is still in what is referred to as the mating heat or fever after she was found in the first book. The men of the pack all believe She needs to explore her sexual side in order to choose a mate. This scares the men especially Lucas the Pack leader because of an accident that happens last time they found another female wolf. So basically Ashley tests her relationship with all of the guys to see which could be her mate. In this third Volume, Ashley finally understands that she has already chosen her mate. Lucas as the leader feels that in order for Ashley to know her real mate he needs to send her true mate away. So now Ashley goes out to find her true mate, but is it too late? if you wish to know who Ashley mate is then you need to pick up all three volumes of this book and read them 

I am a fan of Kit Rocha so for me I am rating this book a 3.5 out of five stars. Why 3.5 stars, because I enjoyed this last volume the most. This volume shows the real relationship between her and her mate. It gives the most to the story but while remaining erotica. I love the romance between them and how it builds as the erotica continues. I also love how Blake becomes more protective of Ashley through out the series. Now if you love Lora Leigh Breed series, you will love this series by Moira Rogers. This book contains action along with Erotica but also has a good character build up especially in volume three. Even though these are smutty erotica, there is a romance story there that I really loved. I don't love Erotica that's all about the sex alone and has no story build. I would totally recommend these books to my friends who love Erotica. So if you wish to buy this book, the links will be listed below as well as the author's links. Also, all of my social media links are listed below too.

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