Sunday, August 20, 2017

I love a book by Joe Rhatigan

This is a toddler slash Children book which I receive from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book will be availble to buy on Nov 1, 2017, just in time for christmas. I requested this book because I have four kids in my life who loves to read like me. I thought this would be a beautiful story to read with them. So lets get to my summary and final thoughts about this beautiful book.

This is children book discussing how amazing books are. It explains how if you need answers to something, you can always find it in a book. It explains how exciting reading can be for someone to the young babies. Its gives them the feeling that reading is the best thing in the world which it is. It actually kind of reminded me of Reading Rainbow. 

I really did love this book, I feel like it is great for ages 2-8 and the older kids might even like it. It is a great book to get kids motivated at a young age to read. I am an adult and I love this story. It was so sweet and it really describes how much someone can love reading. I would recommend any parent to pick this book up. Its that kind of book you will buy over and over again for people, kind of like Love you forever is. This book is going to be a kids classic and must have.  The illustrations in this book are a four out of five stars, they are vibrantly and beautiful done. They made me want to climb in the book. I rate this whole story a four out of five stars simply because it is a darling little kids book. As always links for the book, Author and me will be below.

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