Saturday, September 30, 2017

Defending your Mate

My latest read is a three-volume Arc that was provided courteous of the amazing author team which is Kit Rocha, but writing as Moira Rogers, for a new breed changing erotic romance release title Defending their mate. Defending their mate( last pack series) is available on Amazon(Link below).It will be released in three short volumes. Kit Rocha also has other books that Dystopian erotica romance series's title the O’Kanes and the Gideon Riders that are available for Purchase as well. Now let's get to the summary and my thoughts on this book.

The female lead is named is Grace, and the male leads are Mac and Conor. We first Met Grace in Protecting their mate volume three.  Not many female wolves are left, so the males need to track the remaining females to find mates. Grace is entering their mating heat or fever. Conor and Mac are there to help her explore her sexual side while in the fever. The men are scared of the mating heating because of an accident that happens the first time they found another female wolf. But Grace pushes Mac and Conor into a relationship with her. But as it turns out Grace also wants a chance to see if the other males will fit her or if Mac and Conor are the perfect ones for her. Why not go buy this book to find out what happens.

I am a fan of Kit Rocha so for me I am rating this book a 3.5 out of five stars. Why 3.5 stars, because I am enjoying these short volumes of Erotica. They seem to have a beautiful story mix into the romance which I always love. I love books that have an edge to them that always leaves you wanting more. I also love how Kit Rocha writes very timeless romantic stories. I also really love these characters. Grace is just trying to adjust to this new protective Wolf pack. While Mac and Conor don't want a repeat of a woman hurting herself because of the Pack. They each are just trying to find their own way without causing more pain, which is beautiful but at the same time Pain helps growth. I honestly can't wait to find out how this story ends. This is just a really great short story and I can’t wait to read the next two volumes. As always all links for the author, books, and my social media are listed below

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