Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You Bring the Distant Near

Hello, fellow book lovers of the world and welcome to my latest blog. This blog is about Mitali Perkins Book, "You Bring the Distant Near". I originally received this book as an E Arc from Netgalley but somehow it was misplaced so I could not review it. So I decide to purchase the book from Amazon on September 25 and was just now able to get to reading it. So now on to the summary and my final thoughts on the book.

This book is a story five generations of Indian women from India. We first meet Ranee, her daughters Tara and Sonia. They take us on a journey of leaving India, then Britain to go to America. The Das family decides that America will be their final home. This is hard on Ranee but she learns to accept it, while Sonia and Tara learn to accept it as well. Tara longs for the life of movies and acting is her gift. While Sonia is true to the core feminist, who believes in fighting for others rights especially women. But as the girls are finding it hard to live with Indian tradition, unlike their mother who wants nothing but India to remain in their home. But then Tragedy strikes and it causes a change in the family. It leads to Sonia and Tara both meeting the men they wish to fall in love with. Tara chooses an Indian man but still remains very American while Sonia goes full American and marries an African American man. As time goes by both girls each have a daughter by the name of Anna and Chantal (their American names) and once again Tragedy happens that teaches the Das family, its good to hold both Indian and American traditions close to home, and also to love both. This book is filled with life, love, and learning decisions that all women face. I really love this book and I suggest you go buy it and read it right now. Now onto my final thoughts about the book.

I rated this book a four out of five stars. It was well worth the buy and I am so happy I did. I love how inspiring Mitali Perkins made this book be. It shares the importance of remembering where you came from while trying to discover yourself as a person. It shows you that family is the most important thing and to never give up on that. It teaches you that real love can overcome even the most painful moments. It was inspiring to hear Sonia Das talk about women rights and how important even in today's light that conversation still remains. In the case of Anna, it shows how a family can feel put out about each other but can learn that things may not always be as they appear. It shows the ups and downs that all families face when not knowing their legacies. This book to me is especially inspiring to women and it shows how as young women we need to study are ancestor females, to better understand us. I can't recommend this book enough. It is such an easy but fast pace read. I flew through this book. I suggest if you're a female, go buy this book right now. I also want to mention that I love the diversity in this book so much. You See Indian customs, along with African American Harlem, plus the rich white new york. It's not all about one way of life, its truly about America and what makes us Great. It's about the world coming together and learning to coexist as one. So worth the buy and I suggest you do. As always the links to the author, book and my social media are listed below. Please follow, subscribe and come back soon for my next blog.

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You bring the distant near 

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