Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beyond Forever

 My latest read is an Arc that was provided courteous of the amazing author team which is  Kit Rocha, for a  new book in the O'kane Series. I have read several of the O'kane romance novels, which are basically Erotic wonderful dystopian smut involving wonderful fun loving characters. Once again It is Kinda of, sort of the Grown-up Hunger Games in a way. I love the O'kane series because I am a smutty romantic reader at heart. So let's get to the newest book about the O’kanes title Beyond Forever

Beyond Forever takes us back to the beginnings of Declan Dallas and Alexa. It takes us back to the moment Lexi and Dallas meet and how they become Lovers. It talks about the beginning of the Sector, and how Dallas took over the Sector. It takes us back to all the relationships that didn’t work because we all know Dallas and Lexi are suppose to be together. We also see some of our favorites like Jas, Noelle, Amira, Cruz and a few others. We get to know the real sides of what made Lexi and Dallas, the O'Kanes, that they are now. Plus at the end someone gets a true romance happy ending, So I suggest you go buy this book if you love the Okanes like I do. 

So I rated this book 4 stars out of five, because of the plot. While I usually do tend to find smutty erotic romance novels in general, very predictable. Now with that being said, I will forever read a Kit Rocha Novels, and here are the reasons why? One, the writing of the actual characters and their development is bloody brilliant. Two, these books are completely action packed. Three, the characters in all of the books, are so well written, that you can’t help but enjoy their personalities. As for Beyond Forever and every book in the O'kanes series, I have noticed that Kit Rocha’s writing has developed a ton. What I mean by that, is that this book is not a constant sexy moment, every time you change the page.This Story seems to have more of a developed storyline with the characters and their backgrounds compare to the first O’Kane book. In Beyond forever book, you see the character’s personalities, more typical of humanity then romance fiction characters. Now as for the cover, because I am that annoying reader who discusses the cover. I do love the cover on this book, it fits all of the O’Kane covers 

Overall, this was an amazing book, I really enjoy everything in this book. Lexi is a fierce female lead and always has been since book one. She is a beautiful powerfully well-written female who stands for something and doesn’t let the men push her around. She also works hard to rise among her male counterparts and to help her female friends do the same. She doesn’t let the men push her around or away from work. Now Dallas is completely her equal with his typical, I am male attitude and I want to protect all of the women. But I also love the fact that Dallas recognizes that Lexi will call him out on his motives.  He eventually comes to want Lexi as his equal.  I just can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book, and I know you will too if you love Erotic romance like I do. Also if you have ever wanted to read a Hunger games romance style type of Novel, this is the book for you. This book is now available for purchase. GO BUY IT NOW. As always all of the Authors link’s and my Information is listed below. Thanks again for visiting and please feel free to comment, share and follow. 

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Beyond Forever 


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