Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sampler of Nina LaCour "We Are Okay"

I have had We Are Okay by Nina LaCour on my book to buy list for weeks now and I can’t wait to buy it. So when I found a Sampler chap on Netgalley, I was like it can’t hurt to see if I like the book. I downloaded the sampler immediately. So here is my thoughts and feelings on the story so far. 

The first things I notice about the sampler is that Nina, really draws you into this hauntingly descriptive story. I love that Nina is so descriptive, it makes me want to read the rest of the story. (which I will be doing as soon as I can). I could tell from the beginning of the sampler, that this story was about Mental Illness or something close to it. Only after sneaking around Goodreads, (by the way my Goodreads is link below, Shameless Plug,) that this story is actually about Grief, something that is personal to me. Nina’s writing was so good that I read the ebook sampler in one sitting, I can’t wait for the actual book. I love the eerie calm descriptiveness of the book, it attracts me even more. Of course I will have a better review up when I have read the actual book.(Personally, I retain more information from an actual book.)

So as for this sampler, right now I would totally give it a four out of five stars. I love the cover of the book, I feel like the colors and the way they are laid out fit the book so well. As I said I will be back with a bigger review when Ive read the book. All of the information for this author and the book will be listed below, as well as my information.  

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