Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chapter Sampler of Piper Perish

I have had Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan on my book to buy list for weeks now and I can’t wait to buy it. So when I found a Sampler chap on Netgalley, I was like it can’t hurt to see if I like the book. I downloaded the sampler immediately. So here is my thoughts and feelings on the story so far. 

I would like to say I was annoyed that the Sampler seem to have 50 pages of book introduction before it actually got to the story. I am far more interest in the story then I am in having any of the book beginning papers. But as soon as I read the actual story part of the Sampler, I absolutely love Piper. I love the way that Kayla writes Piper with Spunk and toughness. I love that Piper just doesn’t want to settle, she wants to explore life. I feel like when I do buy the actual book, I will be able to elaborate more on the story but so far, I think Piper Perish will be one of the great New adults of 2017.

Right at this moment I would rate the story a four out of five stars, but thats only from the sampler. From the cover I see going around and what I saw in sampler, I love the cover and its color. I honestly can’t wait to read this book when its available March 7th. I will return with a blog and review after I read the book.

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