Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Covers

As a reader, the first thing that catches my eye is usually the cover of a book. After I see a cover then I pick up the book to read the summary on the back. Nine times out of ten I will buy the book.

But as I grew up, I started to notice the differences in the covers of books. For example in my twenties it was the difference between Us Book covers and UK book covers. But now a days I tend to notice the differences of many book covers such as the Uk ones vs the American ones vs the kindle ones sometimes.

I find that most US book covers are to overdone. We have a tendency in this country to want to cover every inch of a book cover almost to the point of the book becoming cheesy.  While the UK covers are usually very simple, very pleasing to eye, almost Feng Shui like. Now the Kindle covers can usually go either way, they can be really pleasing to the eye or really cheesy.

I just find that more and more no matter how good a book is I am becoming increasingly turn off of good books when they have Cheesy covers. It's not that I wouldn't read the book, its just that every time I see the cover, I am like if only that cover had been change or fix.

I tend to prefer the UK covers more and more now, then US covers because of how simple they are.  I do have wonder though who actually has the final say on the covers of a book, if its the publisher or the writer, hopefully one day we will know.

So I hope you all enjoy this little ya da ya da blog. I just felt like talking about the book covers because it always made me wonder in fascination. Hope you enjoy it as well

Peace, love and books


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