Monday, April 7, 2014

Kat Von D New Butterflies Palettes

So I was on Twitter, searching my page as usual when I spot these two beautiful palette through another blogger: Ms Phyrra Nyx who is a beauty blogger i follow. I was first attracted by the colors then i found out that they are the newest palettes by Kat Von D and I could not wait to buy them. This Week Sephora has 15% off of everything for Beauty Members. So I bought them from Sephora. I will definitely do a First impressions Video at my Youtube Chanel:  Melissahawk26. I just think these palettes are eye catching. I hope they last as long as the other Kat Von D eyeshadows I now own. These where so beautiful the first time I saw them. So now onto some information about them.
                                       The First Palette is the: Monarch Palette

                                              The Next Palette is the : Chrysalis Palette

Both Palettes are 46.00 dollars at and they just premiere. As I said I have purchase both with a 15% off, discount that Sephora is offering till April 11th, 2014 for all Beauty Subscribes. I would hurry up and run to purchase these palettes, if I was you. Kat Von D has great pigmentation, is easily blend able. They are easy to use and apply to the eye. They last all day and keep the look, of when you first applied them to the eye.  They have quality from beginning to end and I for one cannot wait until I get these palettes, Why? because every time I open a new eyeshadow palette it is like christmas morning for me. So why don't you head over to youtube, watch all of my latest videos, subscribe, comment and follow me. Peace, love and Subscribe...

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