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  In this blog I am discussing the Urban Decay Electric vs the Sleek neon palettes. First the important things: I AM NOT PAID OR ENDORSE TO DO THESE BLOGS OR MY YOUTUBE REVIEWS. Second this is a Press Pigment Palette by URBAN DECAY, not an EYESHADOW Palette and the reason for that is because four of these Pigments are not USA FDA approve, but have been approved in the EUROPEAN market. The four pigments not approved for IMMEDIATE EYE AREA are SlowBurn, Savage, Jilt, and Urban but are usable everywhere else on the face. If you have sensitive eyes to eyeshadows or makeup, then this is NOT the palette for you, because it can irritate the eyes simply do to the colorant in the pigment.This palette retails for 49.00 through URBAN DECAY and SEPHORA, Links will be listed below, at the end of the blog. So the first thing I would like to cover is, the cover protection for your eyes.
example of my eye base but on my hand
The first thing I did is apply a concealer, to my hand or eye, then the eye primer, then a white eyeshadow pencil, either NYx Milk  or Jordanna white eyeshadow pencil. The reason for this, is because these press pigments are hugely pigmented and can stain your eye lids. So the more cover you do, as an eye base, the better you will be. These colors do blend really well and if your a makeup lover or a color lover these colors will work for you really well.  These pigments will also add to your urban decay collection, especially if you just want one pop of color among your other URBAN DECAY palettes such as the NAKED Basics, NAKED, NAKED 2 or NAKED 3.  I would like to add for those of you who are new to the URBAN DECAY brand; Urban was once known for their COLORs. So to have this press pigment palette is nothing new to this company. I was really excited when this palette came out because i notice the trend in makeup was starting to be bright colors especially for this up coming spring and summer. Now you might say, there is no such thing as trends for makeup but in actuality, there are trends everywhere.  Another reason I was excited by this palette is because I am an art student and I love color. I will admit, I am new to makeup and do have a hard time with mixing colors and working them with my eye color but I have turn to youtube, where i do video blogs along with watching other youtube bloggers, do makeup tutorials. I will also be posting, some of my favorite youtubers at the bottom of this blog along with other links. So now on to swatches of the Urban Decay Palette.

As you can tell from the pictures above, that this palette is highly pigment, and so worth the price. Also the Urban Decay Electric Palette will be permanently apart of Urban Decay Collection. I do believe and agree with other bloggers, that this palette needs to be reworked because it is to blue tone, and SlowBurn does not fit in well with the other colors. 

Now on to the SLEEK palette Ultra matte V1, Snapshot, and Acid.

The Front of the SLEEK Palettes

 I am not paid or endorse to do these reviews from either SLEEK or URBAN DECAY.  As for these Sleek palettes, in the USA, you can only find Sleek on Amazon because the company Sleek does not shipped these three palettes to the USA, due to the ingredients in them.  The Ingredients in these Three Sleek Palettes are not USA FDA approved, they are only approved in the UK which is where Sleek is base and sold. I personally have used these three palettes and not have had a problem, but once again, please use these palettes and buy them at your own DIGRESSION. The reason I decide to compare these three Sleek Palettes to the Urban Decay electric, is because these palettes are at most 12.00 dollars total. All together I paid 32.00 for all three SLEEK palettes. All of the Sleek Palettes are Neon base to an extent. 




The Back of the SLEEK Palettes.
These cases are nice, they are describe to be made like the NARS compacts, but I do find that these cases get dirty really fast from the makeup.  While these palettes are cheaper, I do get more product falling out of Sleek then Urban Decay Electric, the only exception to this rule is the shadow or pigment title "REVOLT" from the Electric Palette. Revolt has also appear in the Anarchy Case from Urban Decay Christmas palette. I find that Revolt was even more loose in the Anarchy palette then the electric palette.  Now back to Sleek; with Sleek,  you also need to use a eye base such as the one use for the Electric palette with concealer, eye primer and a white eyeshadow pencil. The reason for this is because the Sleek ACID palette well, Stain your eyes, more so then the other two Sleek Palettes. Lets look at swatches for each of these palettes
 This is the ACID palette with swatches

ACID Palette

All of these SLEEK palettes are brighter in person and some are darker in person, so don't be foul by these pictures. These shadows are beautiful and very usable for NEON looks or just bright looks in general. They can be wore with other palettes. They are extremely pigment and very blend-able when using together or with other shadows. They are very much like the Electric Palette except the colors work well with one another and are not all blue tone like the Electric. I feel like with the SLEEK palettes, you receive a better color range then a all blue tone range like the Electric Palette. I am going to post examples from the snapshot and Ultra Matte V1 next.

 This is the SNAPSHOTS Palette and Swatches

Snapshots is by far my favorite SLEEK palette, I love the orange-y, copper, reddish tones along with lighter colored tones. It is the most used palette by me because it works best with my blue eyes. I also like that is has matte and satin or shimmery tones in it. I do use this palette the most, it reminds me a lot of the KAT VON D palette, "Poetica". I also use this with my Kat Von D palette. The next palette from SLEEK is the Ultra Matte V1 with Swatches.


ULTRA MATTE V1 swatches

This palette is my least favorite because it swatches do not show up well. It is a workable palette and the shadows are easy to lift from the tray but you have to build them up to gain the color you want. I find when using this palette, I lay my first color down after placing my whole base on first, with the concealer, eye primer and white eyeshadow pencil or white eyeshadow for this palette ONLY. Then I will spray a makeup setting spray, let it sit for a minute, then proceed to apply all of the other colors that I want to use next. The V1 works better when your eye lid has a little moisture to it. The colors seem to apply better with moisture, and they also build better. All three SLEEK PALETTES, last all day with color. The color does not fade off of your eyelid. I am not sure about the color from URBAN DECAY ELECTRIC PALETTE YET.  I have not had an issue with color fading from any of the other URBAN DECAY palettes, Such as all of the NAKEDS or the VICE 2 palette. Those Urban Decay Palette colors, usually last me all day, so i do not for see a issue with fading, concerning the URBAN DECAY Electric Palette colors.  As For my final opinion, if you want NEON bright Colors, and cant afford URBAN DECAY Electric, then go ahead and buy the SLEEK PALETTES from AMAZON as long as you don't have SENSITIVE eyes. If you can afford URBAN DECAY, why not just spurge and buy it. HEY IT CAN BE YOLO, you only live once. ENJOY LIFE if you HAVE the chance and Don't beat yourself up over spurge-ing a little. Life is Life, don't take anything to seriously. If you have any questions please comment, follow and subscribe to my blog, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM.. I will list all links below and try my best to help you

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