Thursday, October 11, 2018

the Witch of Willow Hall

Hello Book lovers, long time no see. I have a brand new book review today on The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox and publish by Harlequin Graydon house. I received this book as a Netgalley E Arc for review. But this book is available to buy now everywhere, it came out on October 2nd, 2018. I will have all of the links listed below for where you can buy the books. Now onto the summary and book review. 

This book is about a young woman named Lydia who lives in 1821 Massachusetts. Apparently Lydia older sister Catherine has caused a great scandal for the family. So the Montrose parents have decided to move Catherine, Lydia and their younger sister Emeline to WillowHall. Turns out that Willow Hall might not be the best place to help the family after all. A lot of Ghosts from the past arise when the family arrives at Willow Hall. Lydia Witch bloodline shows up along with the ghosts. All of these things cause great heartache and great hardship for the girls during their time at Willow Hall. This book is a great Halloween read or just a great read for Witch Lovers. I really suggest you go check it out and buy it, now onto my final thoughts. 

I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I did love the story and I would totally recommend this book. I love the witchy Hocus Pocus Vibes this book has, but at the same time, I have some issues with it. I have an issue with the slow burn, it takes Lydia forever to realize who she is and what powers she carries. I wish she had learned early on that she had some sort of powers. I felt like it took us forever to get to the good parts, but once you get there all of sudden the book is over. Now, this would be okay if we have a sequel coming but if we don't then, its sort of like the Charlie Brown teacher of blah blah. Now, on the other hand, the book was a really fast read, in the aspect that I was on the edge of my seat to find the good stuff. I do love the witchy vibe as I called it. For me personally, the Witchy Vibe is very hard to grasp, either you have it or you don't. I also love how Hester handle the incest storyline in the book, warning if that a trigger for you. But yes there is an incest storyline with Catherine and their older brother Charles. I am kind of upset with how everyone treats Lydia like a child yet she is nineteen, then they are all telling her to grow up. I am upset with how they all try to force Lydia into another marriage with an asshat. 

But that's kind of the whole book for me, I love half the plot and hated half the plot.  I truly love it and I want more of Hester works. John and Lydia love story was really sweet and very romantic. I love they just keep going towards one another even when everyone is trying to pull them apart. I felt sorry for Catherine, even though she deserved her pain in a way. I am also glad that Lydia finally had her moment and stood up. She stopped taking everyone shit and fought her way back to own her life. Honestly, though the Ghost and Witch vibe's that this book is giving off, far outweigh the things I disliked about the story. I will always recommend this book to people as a great witch read and will definitely check out more of Hester fox's books. Please please go check out this book and buy it or borrow it. As always my links, the author's links, and the book links will be below. I really do hope you will read this book because it's just amazing to me and I love it. 

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The Witch of Willow Hall 

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