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Hello Book lovers and welcome back to my latest blog. Today I am reviewing the Book Sadie by Courtney Summers which was released by Wednesday Book on Sept 4, 2018, and is available for Purchase today. I would like to thank Wednesday books and St Martin Press for approving me on Netgalley for this E Arc. Most of my Arcs are NetGalley Arcs in case any of you were wondering. Now on to my Summary and final thoughts.

Sadie is a young girl who was raised in a trailer park in a small rue town. The kinda of town where people barely made it, let alone made it out and become a success. As a young kid, Sadie and her sister Mattie are abandon by their alcoholic Mother and are left to be raised by a neighbor in their trailer park. This is hard on Sadie because she has stutter her whole life and has a hard time finding ways to survive. As the girls get older Mattie wants to find their mother but when she sets out to do it. She is kidnapped and Murder, they find her behind an abandoned building. Sadie believes she knows who killed Mattie and so she sets out to find the man and begins a scary quest. The best way to understand this story is simply to read it for yourself, now in my final thoughts.

I went into reading Sadie with such hesitation because I am never sure how to take thrillers especially Dark gritty ones. I don't usually like thrillers that are dark, gritty and disturbing but Sadie surprise me. I really like Sadie, for Courtney Summers writing alone. It was captivating and kept me guessing around every turn. I would recommend this to my friends one hundred percent, even thou I probably will never read this book again. But the reason I am rating it four stars is because I will always think about the book. I will think about all of the details that Courtney put in the book. How she deeply describe the story in its disturbing dark gritty way that makes you think about the horrors of this world. I love how deep Courtney goes with the alcoholic mother and child molester boyfriend storyline which unfortunately is very real for so many girls. I actually know girls like Sadie who have had to live this type of life and it makes me feel so thankful and blessed to have Parents who protect me from the world I live in and knew like Sadie’s. I think that is the reason I was hesitant to read Sadie because of it reminded me of the world I knew about, unfortunately!! I can’t stress enough how amazing Courtney writing is and I will read her future books but I don't think I could Stomach another reading of Sadie. Like I said I would recommend this book to all my friends who like Dark gritty novels, but be warn this book contains discussion on RAPE, Alcohol and death.  If you like this type of Dark gritty novel then I will have the links below to places you can buy it. As always all of my information is below, along with the author's and book. Thank you again for reading my blog.

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