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Twelve Steps to Normal by Farrah Penn

Hello book Friends, and welcome back to the latest blog. I would like to say that I am sorry for being MIA lately and also for being back up on book reviews. I have a lot of real-life struggles right now, so everything else is being pushed to the side and not getting enough attention. So I am asking that those who I have promised reviews to, please be patient with me. Now back to the real reason I am here which is Farrah Penn book Twelve Steps to Normal. I want to thank JimmyPattersonbooks for believing in my work and continues to send me awesome books like Farrah's to read.  Twelve Steps to Normal came out on March 13th, 2018 for release. Now let's get to my Summary and final thoughts on this book.

Twelve Steps to Normal is a Ya Novel about a Young girl Name Kira. Kira's Father becomes an alcoholic after the loss of Kira's Grandmother. Eventually, Kira's father goes to rehab which rips Kira's life apart and causes her to have to move. Now the day has come where Kira father is out of rehab and is ready for her to move back in with him. Kira thinks finally she will have her old life back to normal, but once Kira returns home, not everything is the way it was before. Kira has a hard time dealing with all of the changes. Her ex is dating her best friend, her father has bought a bunch of people home, to live with them and that one boy who was her best friend as a kid, might becoming more than a friend. So how will Kira hand all of this emotional and Physical Change? well if you want to know, you need to buy the book. Now on to my final thoughts about the book.

So first the rating, I rated this book a four out of five stars. The first half of this book seems to be really slow to me. I also feel like Kira father laid too much on Kira when she returns home. He basically expects her to be happy about having three people live with them when he told her nothing about these people. Then her father gets mad at Kira because Kira eventually let the fact that she was angry about the roommates out. I feel like the father just laid too much on Kira emotionally after he returns, and expect her to handle it out like she did when he was drinking. I feel like Kira learn more from the twelve steps program guide than her dad did. Also, I felt like Kira's Friends Whitney and Reagan came off as Pity sometimes, and want to make things always about them. Now as for the new love in Kira life's which was her friend from childhood Alex. I loved Alex, he just seems amazing, and much nicer than most teenage boys. I loved the love story between Alex and Kira. I wish Farrah has written the romance into the story much sooner than she did. The last half of the book want faster than the first half of the books. Overall, Farrah did an awesome job of writing this story. Farrah really did give Kira great growth throughout the book.  Farrah just made Kira so strong as a teenager and I love that about the book. This book was just amazing because of the struggles and growth of Kira as a teenager and person. I honestly would recommend this book to everyone. I can't wait to see what type of book Farrah writes next. As always I will leave links for the book, the author and myself below. Until the next review peeps...

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Twelve Steps to Normal

Farrah Penn


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