Thursday, December 29, 2016

Talking as Fast as I Can Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham is well known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls. Although she starred and guess starred in many other shows, I most remember her as Lorelai Gilmore. I remember admiring Lorelai and thinking what an awesome mother she was to Rory aka Lorelai the third. Also  how strong Lorelai had to be in order to leave her parents home and raise Rory on her own without anything. For this character alone, is the reason I continue to follow Lauren and thank the lord I did or otherwise I would have not found this book "Talking as Fast as I can".  (Ps Sorry Lauren Graham for all the grammar Errors, if you ever read this.)

"Talking as Fast as I can" is now on my absolute favorites list of books because Lauren truly is a Lorelai in real life, minus the whole single mother aspect. As you read this book you will notice how much of Lauren as a person is put into Lorelai as a character. Lauren is funny, and bluntly honest about the role acting has played in her life. She makes a point of talking about being a female and how sexism in hollywood. She has a chapter where she points out that we as females can be happy about being single and love it because only when we love it will we find ourselves seeing more happy relationships in our lives. She also has a beautiful tribute to the Late Ms Carrie Fisher and her life as an amazing writer. She talks about the ending cliffhanger to Gilmore Girls revival without mentioning the last four words and how much those words are cliffhangers. She just really observes and gives her best opinions of life while being so funny.

When I first heard about this book, I thought oh Lauren Graham has written her autobiography and it will be a great read because I am a fan. I put her in the fan bias category, that I would say most autobiographies by famous people achieved. You know the category of I will love this because I am already a fan of theirs.But after reading this book, thats not the category for this book anymore. I rated this book five out of five stars because I will reread this book over and over again to learn more from Lauren and the lessons of life she has laid out for us. This is that kind of book where today you might feel one way but if you read it five years from now you might understand something she wrote better or differently, and for that reason I love this book. It is positively well written, very short for only 204 pages long( please Lauren if you ever read this, write a longer book next time. I love your lessons and need more) and wonderful for women who loving reading things on Feminism. While this book is not about the subject feminism, it does discuss it in the most simplest way which is awesome. I can't say enough about how much I love and would recommend this book to anyone

I hope you liked this review and I planned on writing more books reviews. As always I will have the link to this book and the author's social media along with my links. Please feel free to follow and subscribe to my links along with this Blog. Hope you have an awesome Gilmore Girl day.

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