Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It Cosmetics Bye bye under eye concealer

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So lately I have been talking and writing a lot about It cosmetics as a brand, and why you my ask.. well the answer is simple I love this brand and what it stands for. I am not a blogger who gets any sort of commission for my work, i simply do youtube videos and write blogs on the items I love the most such as It cosmetics.

So where do I begin? Well lets see the  reason I bought it cosmetics was because I needed a concealer that would cover dark circles, the kind of dark circles every college girl received from being up so late and studying.

So like any smart person I did some research and more research, about great coverage concealers. It cosmetics, Bye Bye Under eye, was the one concealer that pop up, over and over again. So I went out, bought it, hoping and praying it would work and not give me trouble like so many other supposedly, well to do high end concealers. Of course to my utter amazement, it didn't give me a problem, it actually help the issue, plus added brightness. I couldn't believe it when I saw this concealer actually working for me, by covering my dark circles, along with brightening. I was like, woah, I am in love. Now I want to point out, I started using this concealer in the middle of summer, which is usually the worst time to start using a thick creamy concealer, not heavy but thick, for girls like me because I am super oily in the summer. I am so oily in the summer, that I call it rainy day sweat. But this concealer was amazing, it didn't crease, it cover my dark circles and also brighten.

Now I will say that I do have to set it with a powder of some type because it does stay tacky on me but it doesn't settle into my winklers under my eye. The concealer stays put under my eyes. A little tiny amount goes a super long way, when concealing under the eyes, highlighting the forehead, above the lip and the nose. This is one of my all time favorite, it cosmetic products along with the fact that it was the first It Cosmetic product I ever bought too. I have use this concealer so much that half of the container names and information is now, wore off, LOL. I also have two back ups because I love it that much. This is the one concealer, I can see myself always returning to, again and again.

Bye Bye Under Eye
Screen Shot from It cosmetics website

Now if you don't like creamy thick texture concealers, this is not the concealer for you. But if you can ignore that thick texture, then you will love this concealer. Why? Because it conceals, brightens and stays put. It is full of anti aging properties, along with vitamins such as A,C, and E to help the skin underneath your eyes tighten and brighten up. It is made to help the skin look and feel better unlike other concealers that are on the market. Also because Jaime, the creator and owner of it cosmetics, has suffer from intense skin issues, these products are made to be used on sensitive skin. But don't take my word for it, why don't you try it yourself and see if you love it or not. 

This concealer is 24.00 dollars but Ulta and QVC do have specials where you can either get it cheaper or get it with a brush which is a great way to buy it.  It is also available on It cosmetics for 24.00 dollars. I love this concealer and this brand, so I strongly recommend everyone try it for themselves 

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